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Bring in 7 charming pillow cases for the ConKerr Cancer kids and receive 27% OFF your fabric
purchase!  We know you need to get rid of some of that "stash".....sew you can buy more great NEW
fabric at a Flash 27% OFF!

Sept. Miles of Pillowcase Smiles:
PJ Party
We will track every completed pillow case with a flip style counter....we will also keep track of the
"mile/feet/yard" distance of completed pillowcases.
We will furnish a Chocolate Break every 100 pillowcases completed.
Case for
Click HERE to visit the Ryan's site!
Pillowcase Pattern - Hidden Seams

3/4 yard main fabric
1/8 yard insert fabric
1/3 yard outer band fabric

1. Trim the 1/8 yard of insert fabric to the desired width (2 “ used in model)
2. Fold the insert fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press.
3. Trim the main fabric to 42” by 27”
4. Trim the band fabric to 42” by 9”
5. Lay the main fabric right side up.
6. Lay the folded insert strip on the main fabric, raw edges matching.
7. Lay the band fabric, right side down, on the main fabric and insert fabric, raw edges
matching. Pin together and stitch, using a 1/4” seam.
8. Take the opposite end of main fabric from the seam and roll it up to the stitched area,
rolling it underneath the band fabric.
9. Take the long, raw edge of band fabric and fold it around the rolled up main fabric to
the back side. The right side of the band fabric will now be against the wrong side of
the main fabric. Match raw edges, pin, and sew across the width. This will form a
10. Reach into the tube and pull out the main fabric.
11. Press well.
12. Sew the side seam with a French seam or serge or trim with pinking shears.
13. Sew the bottom end with a French seam or serge or trim with pinking shears.
French Seams:
1. Match raw edges with wrong sides together.
2. Sew a small seam - no more than 1/4”
3. Trim seam allowance to 1/8”
4. Press well
5. Fold along the seam so that right sides are together and sew along the edge with a
1/4” or 3/8” seam.
6. Turn right side out and press.

To see a You Tube demonstration of this process, see the web address below. (Note:
She cuts a 3” accent strip and I cut a 2” strip. It doesn’t matter which - I just think the
narrow accent strip is neater looking.)

For Case for Smiles all pillowcases must be washed in dye and fragrance free
detergent, ironed, and folded individually in a quart sized ziploc bag. You may
turn in your cases unwashed/unbagged if you wish as we have volunteers who
will do this for us. Please enclose a note saying whether washed or

Thank you for being a Smile Maker for a sick child!  
aseforsmiles.org  Fort Myers Chapter
Find us on Facebook at: ConKerr Cancer - Southwest Florida
Support the kids that are in our hospitals in
Bring in
5 brightly colored
pillowcases for
ConKerr Cancer
and receive
off your
April 25-May4th

as per
Case for Smiles guidelines
shown below
33% OFF is on precut
fat quarters and 1 yard minimum
* Fabric "SALE" is on regular
priced one yard cut minimum
and Fat Quarters.